Undergraduate Courses in Engineering

UTA Fort Worth now offers a variety of undergraduate degree programs and courses. Student taking courses at UTA Fort Worth benefit from smaller class sizes; a more intimate, interactive learning environment; and convenient and consistent schedules for a greater work-school-life balance.

Engineering Foundation Courses


ENGR 1250: Engineering Problem Solving –
A broad introduction to the profession of engineering and its different disciplines, through the process of applying the principles of mathematics to solve real-life engineering problems and technical writing assignments. Math topics are presented within the context of engineering applications and reinforced through examples from engineering courses. Also introduces algorithm development through the use of the engineering analysis software MATLAB.

UNIV – EN 1131: Issues in College Adjustment for Engineering Students
Faculty, staff and Peer Academic Leaders in group discussion will communicate academic survival information, analyze potential academic and social problems, and assist in implementing individualized corrective measures. Pass-fail grades will be awarded. For entering freshmen or entering transfer students.

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