Tuition & Financial Aid

What other costs besides tuition will I have?

The following are fees that may change, unrelated to a student’s set tuition cost:

  • Books and required online resources
  • Proctored Exam Expenses:

MATH 1302:  For three chapter tests and the final, Proctor U is required to be used at the student’s expense.  If local in the DFW metroplex, UTA offers the testing service free of charge. Additional information is provided in Blackboard.
Math 1308:  Beginning in the fall 2014 term, Statistics will also require a proctored exam using either Proctor U or UTA.

  • National certifications used to satisfy an upper division elective require a fee in order to be added to a student’s account.

At the conclusion of the program, expect a graduation fee.

What about financial aid and scholarships?
Visit Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, or to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor call 817-272-3561.


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