The M.S. in Health Care Administration requires 39 hours of specified coursework. Together these courses provide the student with a general background in business and economics and industry relevant knowledge in all of the fundamental areas of managing health care organizations.

The 13 courses will be taken in the following sequence, but are subject to change.

  • HCAD 5301 Health Care Administration
  • HCAD 5337 Ethics, Human Resources Management, Leadership, and Teamwork
  • HCAD 5305 Financial Accounting for Health Care Industry
  • HCAD 5306 Managerial Accounting for Health Care Industry
  • FINA 5315  Health Care Financial Management
  • HCAD 5310 Health Care Law
  • INSY 5350   Health Care Information Systems
  • OPMA 5377 Health Care Quality Assessment
  • BSTAT 5315 Health Care Statistical Operations
  • MARK 5330 Services Marketing Management
  • ECON 5333 Economics of Health Care
  • HCAD 5390 Strategic Management for Health Care Organizations
  • HCAD 5399 Research/Internship

The residence or internship course requirement can be satisfied in either of two methods. The residence options are as follows:

Working Residence/Internship. The completion of a residence/Internship is a primary component of the program for students who do not have prior appropriate professional work experience in a health-related organization. The residence provides students the opportunity to acquire firsthand professional knowledge of and experience with the functioning of a health-related organization. The working residence requires the completion of 240 hours of approved work experience in a professional capacity, and a final written report supervised by a program faculty member. The graduate advisor will provide overall supervision and coordination of the residence.

Residence/Internship Substitute. A student who has substantial and acceptable work experience in a supervisory or professional position may qualify for the residence substitute. Work experience is approved by the graduate advisor.

Accordingly, a student may request:

Option I. Design, conduct and complete a supervised research project, equivalent in scope to 3 hours graduate research-oriented courses. This project must be highly relevant to the student’s intended future professional focus. The project will be supervised by at least one member of the faculty of the degree program, or

Option II. Complete an approved graduate level course, containing significant research-oriented content, highly relevant to the student’s intended future professional focus.


Wheelchair basketball

Team USA takes on Team Japan, Team Spain in wheelchair basketball tournament at UTA ......

Water plans

UTA flood researcher to analyze drainage in southeast Texas, propose recommendations for future flood prevention ......