Executive MBA

Fully accredited by AACSB, The University of Texas at Arlington Executive MBA (EMBA) program is unique and unparalleled. Its curriculum provides students with actionable information that can make an immediate difference in real-time business situations. Our approach is, therefore, student team based with an emphasis on current case studies, providing you with an optimum opportunity to practice high-level decision-making in a collaborative environment. Our proven approach to academics, combining intellectual study with real-world, global business savvy, is a cornerstone upon which you can build the rest of your career.

Our Executive MBA program offers a schedule that is specifically designed for today’s busy executive. The program has successfully culled down the curriculum to its most essential elements, creating a 15-month program that maximizes your time in and out of the classroom. As a student, you will attend a total of 61 class sessions held on alternating Fridays and Saturdays and a 15-day China immersion experience. Friday classes are held from 1pm to 8pm, during which time dinner will also be served. Saturday classes are held from 8am to 5pm, including breakfast and lunch service.

In addition to the Executive MBA degree and China Immersion trip, as a graduate of our EMBA program, you will also receive a prestigious Graduate Certificate in Asian Business Studies. The graduate certificate is noted on your permanent official university transcript along with your Executive MBA degree.