Congrats to EMBA Student, David Rettig – 2020 FW Business 40 under 40

The University of Texas at Arlington is proud to announce that David Rettig has been selected for 2020 Fort Worth Business Press 40 under 40. Mr. Rettig is currently completing his Executive MBA at UTA Fort Worth, set to graduate in spring 2020.

He is the current Mayor of Northlake, TX and a Director at Fidelity Investments. Over the past 15 years, he has experienced progressive advancement from intern to Director at a top20 largest private firm, delivering over 60 projects producing tens of millions in cost savings, and enabled struggling divisions at multiple companies to restructure and deliver better services. David Rettig has led 2 years of turnaround projects for ProBuild and received CEO’s recognition for the work he has done. He has also spearheaded client engagement through general consulting, strategy, and process engineering activities resulting in $8M in savings and 50% decrease in manual work. He has been a caretaker of 50+ projects across much of Fidelity, broker-dealer clients, charitable and ProBuild.

Mr. Rettig was elected Mayor of Town of Northlake last year, which is one of the fastest growing towns in North Texas. He sponsors and leads a small family charitable foundation, which supported over 40 educational, civic and human services charities locally and nationally.

David Rettig grew up as an expat in post-Soviet bloc, Prague, Czech Republic. He studied opera at the State Opera in Prague under a leading Czech tenor and co-founded a tech startup in college. He has earned two Bachelor’s of Science degrees from Penn State University and a non-degree of graduate studies in Economics and Operations Management from Harvard University. He will be graduating from The University of Texas at Arlington this month with his Executive MBA.



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