Program Overview

Designed for full-time working professionals with significant personal and professional responsibilities, the UTA Executive MBA program combines rigorous intellectual study with professional development programing and a one of a kind global business experience to be the foundation upon which you will build the rest of your career.

Fundamental Difference Between Executive MBA and MBA

Despite both programs leading to the MBA degree, an Executive MBA program differs from a traditional full-time MBA program in some fundamental ways:

  • The format of the program is designed to meet the needs of experienced mid-career working professionals who are looking to advance their careers while simultaneously balancing their professional and personal/family responsibilities.
  • In contrast, a traditional full-time MBA program serves the needs of full-time students with less professional experience who are generally establishing their business careers.
  • Participants in Executive MBA programs are demographically different from Full-Time MBA program students.  They generally are established, mid-career professionals with, on average, 10 – 15 years of professional experience which includes managerial responsibility.
  • The UTA Executive MBA program is specifically designed for today’s busy executive. The delivery logistics and schedule of the program cater to the specific needs of working professionals.   The duration of the program is rigorous and condensed and is completed in 15 months. Classes generally meet on alternate Friday afternoons and Saturdays.
  • Executive MBA students enjoy an immediate return on investment in that they can immediately apply what they have learned on class weekends at work following Monday.
Campus Tour
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