Dec 10 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



The Secrets of Great Leaders and Teams

Dr. Cynthia St. John

Dr. Cynthia St. John is in the business of simplifying success for senior leaders and their organizations. She teaches that success, while not necessarily easy, is not complicated. In addition, best of all, it can be learned.

As a researcher, Dr. St. John applies her Ph.D. in educational psychology (with specialization in adult and organizational learning) to understand the factors most directly responsible for high performance.

As a practitioner, Cynthia leverages her 20+ years of change agent experience with NASA/United Space Alliance, MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Texas, ExxonMobil and other distinguished organizations, to execute and refine the key skills and systems that create high performance.

As a former executive in roles such as vice president and Chief Learning Officer for one of the largest health care systems in Texas, and one of the largest faith-based systems in the country, she draws on personal experience as a senior leader to ensure her methods are practical and reliable.

Combined, these roles and experiences uniquely contributed to the development of Cynthia’s expertise in applying proven models for executive effectiveness and organizational excellence.

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