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Designed for full-time working professionals with significant personal and professional responsibilities, the UTA Executive MBA program combines rigorous intellectual study with professional development programming and a one of a kind global business experience to be the foundation upon which you will build the rest of your career.

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Management Consultant

Always an entrepreneur, Kim wanted the classic business training afforded by an EMBA, but she wanted it in non-bureaucratic style. Not only was UTA’s program the fastest route to an EMBA, it was also the most convenient


Director of Quality Assurance, Trinity Industries, Inc.

For Charles Larry, a group manager at Ryder, the China Immersion program was a career- and life-changing experience. It gave him the global perspective he needed when interviewing for his current position.

John C.

VP of Commercial Development, DFW Airport

The right EMBA had to offer more than book learning; it had to provide real-world collaborative experiences that could be applied right away. It also had to offer a convenient schedule, a robust opportunity to network and a China trip that was truly business-oriented, not a sightseeing excursion.


Sr Manager Education Vertical, NEC Corporation of America

“I would definitely recommend the UTA EMBA program,” Jeremy said. “I feel that I am now better able to analyze data on a balance sheet, provide relevant financial feedback, and have a deeper understanding of business ethics. Overall, the UTA EMBA classes train you to be a better leader.”


Director of Quality Assurance, Trinity Industries, Inc.

The UTA EMBA’s cohort structure, a team-based environment, appealed to him as well. “I really wanted a cohort-based program so I could work with other seasoned professionals in industry.” Charmani said his cohort was definitely diverse, with students from Texas, Latin America, the Middle East, South America and all across the U.S.


Chief Human Services Officer, Ryan

Kathy Weaver, chief human services officer at Ryan, is the recipient of the UTA EMBA’s Outstanding Early Career Achievement award. The EMBA ’14 grad successfully juggled her career, family, and coursework.

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