RN-BSN Application & Admission Processes

Where is the RN to BSN application located?
Apply and submit official transcripts from courses taken at outside institutions to the Office of Admissions and Records.  Admission to UTA is dependent on receipt of all official transcripts from outside institutions.  Allow at least four weeks for the admission process.

What is Provisional Admittance?
Provisional admittance allows students to register for courses while waiting for their official transcripts to arrive and be processed by UTA. More information is available at http://academicpartnerships.uta.edu/degree-programs/nursing/228/registered-nurse-to-bachelor-of-science-in-nursing#Admissions

Does acceptance into UT Arlington mean a student is accepted into the College of Nursing and Health Innovation?
No; although there is only one application, students must go through a three-step process after they submit their official application with the university.

  • Step One:  The Office of Admissions will notify applicants once all required documents have been received.
  • Step Two:  An official transcript evaluation is conducted by the Office of Admissions after all official transcripts are submitted—course credits will be visible under “Transfer Credit Report” in the MyMav Student Center. Students will be notified via their UTA student email that the Transfer Credit Evaluation has been completed. The completion of this process does not indicate that you have been accepted into the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.
  • Step Three: After steps one and two are complete, all intended students are sent to the College of Nursing and Health Innovation (in the order in which they are received) for final application processing and acceptance into the RN to BSN program.

What is provisional status?
Students who have earned an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited US institution may select provisional admittance when applying to UT Arlington. Students under provisional admittance are permitted to enroll and begin classes (ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, Technical Writing, and Professional Nursing) while waiting for their transcripts to arrive and their file to be processed.  Provisional admittance indicates that a student’s application has NOT been evaluated by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation for acceptance.  Once all transcripts are evaluated by the Admissions Office, students granted provisional admittance will be added to an evaluation list processed by the College.  They will receive a status letter with all program information needed after they have been fully evaluated by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

What is considered an inactive student?
Students have three semesters, which includes the admit term, to enroll before the account becomes inactive. If a student does not enroll, the account becomes inactive.

What forms are required for accepted applicants?
Students will be required to submit their RN license during the Professional Nursing course, NURS 3345.

Can RN to BSN applicants apply to both online and on-campus versions of the nursing program?
No; however, a student is permitted to switch to the campus program one time.  Campus students will not be permitted to switch to the online program once they have enrolled in courses.

How often does the College of Nursing and Health Innovation accept applicants to the upper-division nursing program?
The accelerated on-campus RN to BSN program admits students every fall semester.

If the TOEFL is required, what are the minimum score requirements?
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for the College of Nursing and Health Innovation is more stringent than for UT Arlington. Visit the College of Nursing and Health Innovation Policies, English Language Requirement and speak to your Academic Advisor. A high school diploma and/or a bachelor’s degree or higher earned in the United States exempts the TOEFL requirement.

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