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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program is designed for working professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

The program combines rigorous intellectual study with professional development programming and a unique global business experience to be the foundation upon which you will build the rest of your career.

The UTA Executive MBA is a 17-month program and classes are held on Saturdays in downtown Fort Worth. The Executive MBA program is designed for students who have significant experience in their career and have a solid foundation of real-world business knowledge upon which to build.

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17-Month Program Duration
True Weekend – Saturday Classes
2-Week Global Immersion Experience 
Innovative “Leadership Laboratory”
Connections that Count
World-class Quality with an exceptional ROI

John Terrill, EMBA

President of Development –
Paslay Group

“The right EMBA had to offer more than book learning; it had to provide real world collaborative experiences that could be applied right away. It also had to offer a convenient schedule, a robust opportunity to network and a China trip that was truly business oriented, not a sightseeing excursion.

After a review of both Dallas and Fort Worth based programs, there was one clear winner that offered a global perspective with real-world applications: UT Arlington’s Executive MBA.”

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The Cohort Experience

The Executive MBA program enables students to take their leadership skills to new heights.  The curriculum focuses on strategy, decision-making, and the relationships between key functional business areas.  UTA Executive MBA participants learn cutting-edge, high-level business models, concepts, and procedures they can begin applying immediately. This knowledge is enhanced through team-based deliverables and collaborative projects with fellow classmates.  
The UTA Executive MBA program is designed around an intimate cohort model.  As a participant in the program you will work, study, and learn as a member of a collaborative cohort of successful experienced professionals who are driving growth and change within their organizations and industries.
This is the cornerstone of the program with each member of the cohort contributing their own unique skills and experience to the discussion.  In doing so they learn through exposure to perspectives and insights from a broad variety of industries and functional specialties and contribute their experience to the learning or others. Learning in a cohort magnifies the knowledge and skills of the individual into a powerful community of learners.

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The Value of an Executive MBA

Investing in yourself with an Executive MBA pays off in ways that you can’t measure — and also in ways that you can. In addition to gaining business knowledge, students broaden their perspectives, build their networks, and join alumni communities. Of course, committing the time and money to an Executive MBA program is a big decision.

UTA Executive MBA students who are not sponsored by their employer pay approximately $75,900 for 17-months. This includes tuition, student fees, course materials, access to one-on-one leadership coaches, meals on class weekends, and housing and ground transportation for the required Global Business Trip.

Global Immersion Trip

We live in a global economy and your future success will be influenced by your ability to navigate the international business environment.

UTA’s Executive MBA students will experience and study global business directly.  The global immersion experience, is an unmatched, one-of-a-kind opportunity to intimately understand and explore the nuances of international business.    

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The EMBA admission process takes a holistic view of the candidate to determine the likelihood of success in the program and the extent to which each candidate will contribute to the overall success of the class.

Factors taken into account in evaluating a candidate include: 

Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree or internationally recognized equivalent 
Minimum of 5 years of professional work experience, with 2 years of managerial experience 
High potential for advancement and proven academic capability 
Ability to contribute to the Executive MBA experience 
Ability to read, write and speak English.
If candidates do not have standardized tests results (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS), they will be required to take an in-house English test and pass an oral English interview.
Joseph Babcock

Joseph Babcock



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Nancy Fletcher

Program Coordinator


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